What To Expect When Working With A Bail Bond Service

Bail bonds services are commonly used to pay bail for someone that is arrested and does not have the money to pay their bail. You need to understand some things before you hire a bail bondsman, but the bail bond service is often the best solution for someone that otherwise would not have the resources to get out of jail while they await a trial.

Finding A Bondsman

If you are in jail and looking for a bail bonds service to bail you out of jail, you can call a local bail bondsman to come to meet with you at the jail. If you are not sure who to call, the jail often has a list of local bondsman that you can look at and pick someone from the list, or in some facilities, they have a rotation of bail bondsmen available to come and meet with people as they come into the jail. 

In either case, you will have to discuss the terms of the bail with the bondsman to determine if they can help you get out of jail. Often once the bail is set, you will need to sign an agreement with the bail bonds service and pay a fee for them to cover the bail for you. For large bail amounts, the bail bonds service may require daily check-ins or some other special guidelines to ensure you do not fail to appear and cost them a lot of money. 

Remember, the bail bonds service will pay your bail for you, but if you don't show up in court, they will lose the money, and most services will begin looking for you so they can return you to jail. Often this is the only way for the service to recover their money from the court, and they will aggressively work to recover the money they put up for your bail.

Rules And Responsibility

When the bail bonds service pays the bail for you, they are assuming responsibility for you. If you do not show up for court, the judge will most likely issue a warrant for your arrest, and the bail bonds service will put a bail recovery agent on the job to find you. 

The goal for the bail bonds service is to find you before the police do so they can return you to jail to recover their money. If a police officer arrests you, it is harder for the bail bonds service to recover their bail money, so they want to find you first. If you follow the rules that the service gives you and show up for your court date, you will not have to worry about the bail bonds service, so it is essential that you keep your agreement with them. 

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