Ready To Turn Yourself In For A Crime? Connect With A Bail Bondsman To Discuss These Things

If you know that you are going to get arrested and that a warrant has been issued for a crime, you can get ahead of the police and turn yourself in. If you want to get ahead of the problem and you want to arrange your bond so you don't have to sit and wait for someone to get you out, or try to get yourself out of jail from inside, talk with a bondsman right away.

You can call a bondsman and have them take your personal and financial information and a credit card if that is what you are planning on using as bail. Here are some things you should discuss with the bondsman in advance.

Is Your Credit Sufficient?

Your credit will be one of the main determining factors when a decision is made by the bondsman. The things you want to have are:

  • Good or great credit score and history
  • Co-signer willing to help if credit doesn't meet requirements
  • Steady stream of income

After looking at these things the bondsman can decide if they can trust to lend you money, and if you will show up when you have your day in court.

Can You Use Equity?

You may have to quickly figure out if you can use equity that you have in your home, or even in a vehicle, to get cash to post your own bond. Talk with the bondsman to see if they would be willing to take a lean on your mortgage or vehicle as an option to get bond posted when you turn yourself in. The amount of equity you have and the value of your car or home will affect the bondsman decision.

Can You Call After It's Set?

The bondsman may have an idea of what the bond will be based on the crime, but it may end up being much more than you anticipated. If so, you may not have the cash or credit to pay the bond. Talk with the bondsman about how you will communicate or your lawyers information before you turn yourself in.

Turning yourself in makes it easier for the authorities, and because of this, they may be more willing to work with on the case. Find a lawyer and talk with a bail bondsman so you can guarantee that you will have someone that is ready to get you out if they take you to jail and sentence you right away.

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